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"Trained Instructors"

Color Vanity Training is where individuals come to start their careers and specialize in what they are passionate about,

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Most Modern Lash Extension Method Available!

Lash Extension Training in 

Huntington Beach CA 

Learn to apply lashes in 60 Min with the most efficient technique available on the market today! Your lash sets will last long, look fuller and get your appointments down to an hour! 

A Regretful Pair of Cheap Lashes Done Elsewhere

Don't be fooled by gimmicks or cheap pricing, quality stands the hands of time. These lashes were botched elsewhere and are a classic example of no training or worse yet, poor training.

Microblading Certification Course in Orange County CA

Instant gratification! Learn the most hands on approach to the art of Microblading! Get your certification from a hands on training academy that teaches you to make your brows unique and life like! It is an art to teach as well as perform the service don't be drawn in by illusions, be taught by a licensed training facility, were we are both experienced artists and educators!